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Pug Talk

April 03, 2020


Reasons Pugs Are The Best

You can definitely take a million photos of your pet pug on social media, but if you're still thinking about buying a puppy or adopting one, here's all you need to know. Below we have listed the 8 best reasons why pugs are the best pet you could wish for.

Many dogs need a job to mentally stimulate them, and pugs are no exception, but once they have completed basic dog manners courses, you will see a whole new pug emerge. They are great in obedience training, in the obedience school, in manners and in other basic obedience classes.

Reason 1- Happy and Positive

Pugs are easily motivated by food, praise and love to make you happy, and if they can channel their energy into positive behavior, they will surprise you with their transformation.

Reason 2- Loves to Eat

Due to their strong - wanted - reputation, pugs are characterized by a job-oriented and positive reinforcement training. When it comes to training a pug, remember that it is extremely nutritious - and as it can pack on the pounds quickly, it's wise to keep your exercise treats small. Short, energetic workouts are good for creative dogs, which are best suited to a creative dog.

Reason 3 - Are Active

Pugs are actually not as lazy as people think - they like a lot of exercise, and sleeping is usually all you have. Pugs like to sleep, but when there is nothing else going on, pugs behave in the house.

Reason 4 - Loyalty and Dangerously Cute

They love to be close to their owners, which is why they get so cuddly on the couch and stand out from other dogs. It is easy to see why dog lovers love pugs - they are cute, they are ravishingly chubby and breed like any other dog. They are funny, but they love to be sweet because they are bred to breed, not because of their appearance.

Reason 5 - Bring Comedic Value to the Table

They can be hilariously entertaining when you watch them play, and often seem to be out for a joke when other things are going on. Her rather unusual appearance certainly lends itself to being often referred to as the dog comedian of the world. If dogs ever had a sense of humour, pugs would certainly be one of them, but they hide behind silliness. These dogs, who have remained true to their ancient origins, love to play with their owners.


It is also worth noting that the lifespan of a pug can reach up to 15 years, but if this does not happen, your little pug may be susceptible to obesity. Pug dogs are often the petite members of the toy group, with the ideal pug weight being 14-18 pounds.

The Passionate Pug team


April 05, 2017


Funny Dog Breeds That Are Also Part Pug

Schnug (Schnauzer + Pug)

Pompug (Pomeranian + Pug)

Chug (Chihuahua + Pug)

Jug (Jack Russell Terrier + Pug)

Bullpug (French Bulldog + Pug)

Shug (Shiba Inu + Pug)

Puginese (Pekingese + Pug)

Pugshire (Yorkshire Terrier + Pug)

Porgi (Corgi + Pug)

March 09, 2017


Tips To House Train Your Pug


House training your pug can be a trying and time consuming challenge but there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use to make the process successful and simple. Adult and puppies alike can benefit from these tips so your pug can learn at any age! It is important to be consistent with the training methods you choose to house train your pug so it is important to create a plan and stick to it!

Create A Routine

Dogs respond to consist routines. Not only does consistency make it easier for your pug to learn new behaviors, it will also provide your pup ways to signal you when it is time for a bathroom break. Keep collars, leashes and harnesses in a select designated spot that will provide a space for your pug to go to when they are ready to go out. Use the same door and exit when you are taking your dog out which will help them learn where they are supposed to go when they need to go out and relieve themselves.

Walk Frequently

It is important to remember that your pug will have mistakes and learning to break unwanted habits will take time. To help quicken the process and diminish the frequency of mistakes it is important to walk your pug frequently. Walks should follow meals, periods of being left alone and after sleeping. In the beginning of house training, this may require mid-night potty breaks. This may not be pleasant, but the dedication to your dog's training will reflect in the results you will see!

Reward Positive Behavior

Pugs are motivated by little more than treats and utilizing these tasty morsels as rewards for good behavior will prove to beneficial to the both of you! When your pug goes to the bathroom in the proper location, be sure to praise them with enthusiasm! Verbal praises are an excellent tool to use but combined with a treat will allow the sentiment to go even farther. When your pug gives you a sign that he or she needs to go, a treat should also be granted! Your dog may end up consuming numerous treats throughout the day so it is important to choose a low calorie, healthy and all natural treat to use in training.

Use A Crate

When you are home walking your pug and watching for possible accidents will prove to be much easier than when you are away. When you are not home, the signs of a needed walk will go unseen and accidents are more likely to occur. To help control the frequency of unwanted accidents and contain the mess a crate should be utilized. Dogs do not typically like to be near their waste. A crate will provide a controlled area where your dog will be less likely to soil unless their is an emergency.

With patience and consistency you can successfully house train your pug at any age and eliminate the stress that messy accidents cause. It’s never too late to begin to train your pup so start today!

February 24, 2017


Help the fight against puppy mills

Pug rescues around the world see the devastating results of puppy mills almost every day -- dogs who are mistreated, malnourished, and unloved. Puppy mills are operated by people who want to make money, and they see mass-producing animals as a way to do it.

To help the fight against puppy milling we have partnered with the  Pug Hugs Rescue of Milwaukee to provide care for rescued pugs.

With our expertise in pug merchandise and their expertise in helping pugs, we have created a monthly t-shirt club with proceeds that are directly donated to the rescue center.

How It Works

It’s simple. Join our t-shirt club and you’ll receive a custom-designed, limited edition black unisex t-shirt every month. A new design is featured every month and only for that month.

A portion of your monthly club proceeds will be dedicated to rescuing unwanted, abused, neglected, abandoned, and relinquished pugs and placing them into new homes through our partnership with Pug Hugs Rescue of Milwaukee, WI.

Also as a member of the t-shirt club, you will receive a  25% OFF LIFETIME MEMBER DISCOUNT on everything on the Passionate Pug website. That is a 25% discount on all of our products all the time! This special discount code can be shared with friends and family.

Your donation is critical in helping us provide for needy pugs. Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue is an all-volunteer organization. Every dollar they receive goes directly to caring for their rescues. 

Your contribution is most frequently used to purchase food, supplies and to help offset the cost of medical care for their pugs. Because MAPR accepts pugs regardless of age or medical condition, they frequently receive dogs with severe and costly medical conditions like Lilly and Hamlet.

Many of these medical problems are correctable and, once treated, the animal can enjoy a long and healthy life. Thus, MAPR rescues rely on the kindness of friends like you to make a difference!



Here is what MEMBERS are saying

My husband ordered this t-shirt for me and I love it. It is soft cotton, nicely shaped, and did not shrink when washed.
- Fiona J.

I gave this to my son for an 8th-grade graduation present. When I went to wake him up the next morning he had slept in it all night. Too cute. I did tell him that I would borrow it at least once :-)
Lorilee G.


Q: When will my item ship?
A: Items ship around the 15th of every month.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Yes. Love every item or don't pay for it. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Q: When will I be billed?
A: Every 30 days from when you purchase.

Q: How can I cancel?
A: E-mail, call, live chat, just let us know in any way and we will cancel your membership immediately. It's easy.
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Q: What brand of shirt will it be?
A: It will be a high-quality Fruit Of The Loom tee that will be soft and fit as expected. You will love it. Everyone does.

Q: What size will it be?
A: You choose your size in the checkout process. The shirts fit true to size.

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February 23, 2017


5 Annoying Habits All Pug Owners Learn To Love


Telling a pug owner about a naughty or annoying habit their bundle of joy may possess can prove to be somewhat difficult. The adorable pug has a way of wiggling into your heart and turning once irritating habits into laughable pleasures.

Here are 5 annoying habits all pug owners learn to love!



1) They Are Noisy

Pugs have many traits and qualities that truly make them a unique breed! One of these many traits is the unusual noises that pugs are known to exert. Barking, howling, snorting, chirping and coughing are all just some of the great noises these little nuggets can express at any moment. Their noises can be so varied and frequent, it can sometimes feel as if they are talking in their own language! 

2) Pugs Become Toy Obsessed

While this is not solely a pug trait the breed does tend to stay true to it's practice! Any pug owner will tell you that their little girl or guy has 1 or 2 (or 5) particular toys that they HAVE to have. Always. Not joking. This toy is not only is loved, but is cherished and will not be relinquished easily if they have a say in the matter.



3) Pugs Are Stubborn

If you have ever owned a pug or have even been around one for a length of time then you know how stubborn they can be. What pugs may lack in size the bite sized breed makes up for in attitude and in confidence. Not only do they want it their way but they are going to do what ever it takes to get it!



4) They Want Your Food, All Of It!

While their big eyes make it hard to deny them, these little guys utilize their gaze's power to wiggle their way near any left overs with in a 100 mile radius! Pugs love food. Pugs love your food even more! Whether it's a juicy steak or a bowl of berries, pugs want it and they will not let you eat until you know it and until they are eating too!



5) Pugs Beg and Beg and Beg...

Pugs are small but they will not be forgotten. This tiny canine makes it's presence known by sheer will power alone. Pugs do not like to be ignored and they will beg for your attention until they are blue in the face. They will beg for attention, cuddles, food and for simple eye contact. To say they are needy could be a bit of an understatement but they do it all for the love!


No matter what breed you choose, all the little annoyances truly become treasured traits after you've fallen in love! Pug owners are no exception to this rule! 

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February 10, 2017


Pugs Doing Yoga?

I was blown away when I saw this Pug Doing Yoga. It's not actually doing Yoga but its close enough! Check It Out Here!

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March 21, 2016


5 Reason Pugs Are The Best Dogs To Own

1) Pugs Are One of A Kind

The Pug is considered an Oriental breed with ancestral ties to the Pekingese and perhaps the Shih Tzu. Centuries ago in the monasteries of Tibet, tiny yet sturdy dogs with large eyes and wrinkled, expressive faces were bred and kept as companion dogs. These were the earliest examples of the Pug dog breed. With a history predating 400 B.C., the modern Pug remains a good companion dog. From Tibet, the breed was introduced to Japan, then Europe, where it became a favorite in many royal courts.

2) Pug make excellent apartment dogs


Absolutely! Pugs are small indoor dogs that don’t require a lot of room to run inside or outside, making them ideal for apartment dwellers.

3) Pugs Are Great With Children


A thousand times yes! Pugs are among the most gentle and passive breeds of all. They will tolerate the prodding of a child, are not known to nip or bite and are quite protective of the family and home.

4) Pugs love attention


Pugs are people dogs. They like, and some say need to be around people in order for them to be truly happy. They don’t bark or jump up and down on you however, so a Pugs need of people basically shows itself in where you’ll find your Pug…At your feet, on your lap or quietly following you around. It’s one of their greatest charms! They are truly a persons best friend!

5) Pugs Aren't Particularly Expensive 


This depends on several factors. First, the price of a Pug pup varies greatly based on geographic location. Second, the quality of the Pug. A show quality Pug pup in the New York metropolitan area can cost upwards of $1500 from a well known and highly regarded breeder. While a pet quality Pug pup from a reputable breeder can cost $800 in the same area. In another state, the range can drop dramatically, depending on the availability, popularity and quality of breeder involved. The price of a Pug pup can range anywhere from $250-$2,000 depending on the three major factors listed at the top of this answer.

Pugs make for hilarious fun and enjoyment

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