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Reasons Pugs Are The Best

You can definitely take a million photos of your pet pug on social media, but if you're still thinking about buying a puppy or adopting one, here's all you need to know. Below we have listed the 8 best reasons why pugs are the best pet you could wish for.

Many dogs need a job to mentally stimulate them, and pugs are no exception, but once they have completed basic dog manners courses, you will see a whole new pug emerge. They are great in obedience training, in the obedience school, in manners and in other basic obedience classes.

Reason 1- Happy and Positive

Pugs are easily motivated by food, praise and love to make you happy, and if they can channel their energy into positive behavior, they will surprise you with their transformation.

Reason 2- Loves to Eat

Due to their strong - wanted - reputation, pugs are characterized by a job-oriented and positive reinforcement training. When it comes to training a pug, remember that it is extremely nutritious - and as it can pack on the pounds quickly, it's wise to keep your exercise treats small. Short, energetic workouts are good for creative dogs, which are best suited to a creative dog.

Reason 3 - Are Active

Pugs are actually not as lazy as people think - they like a lot of exercise, and sleeping is usually all you have. Pugs like to sleep, but when there is nothing else going on, pugs behave in the house.

Reason 4 - Loyalty and Dangerously Cute

They love to be close to their owners, which is why they get so cuddly on the couch and stand out from other dogs. It is easy to see why dog lovers love pugs - they are cute, they are ravishingly chubby and breed like any other dog. They are funny, but they love to be sweet because they are bred to breed, not because of their appearance.

Reason 5 - Bring Comedic Value to the Table

They can be hilariously entertaining when you watch them play, and often seem to be out for a joke when other things are going on. Her rather unusual appearance certainly lends itself to being often referred to as the dog comedian of the world. If dogs ever had a sense of humour, pugs would certainly be one of them, but they hide behind silliness. These dogs, who have remained true to their ancient origins, love to play with their owners.


It is also worth noting that the lifespan of a pug can reach up to 15 years, but if this does not happen, your little pug may be susceptible to obesity. Pug dogs are often the petite members of the toy group, with the ideal pug weight being 14-18 pounds.

The Passionate Pug team


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