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Tips To House Train Your Pug


House training your pug can be a trying and time consuming challenge but there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use to make the process successful and simple. Adult and puppies alike can benefit from these tips so your pug can learn at any age! It is important to be consistent with the training methods you choose to house train your pug so it is important to create a plan and stick to it!

Create A Routine

Dogs respond to consist routines. Not only does consistency make it easier for your pug to learn new behaviors, it will also provide your pup ways to signal you when it is time for a bathroom break. Keep collars, leashes and harnesses in a select designated spot that will provide a space for your pug to go to when they are ready to go out. Use the same door and exit when you are taking your dog out which will help them learn where they are supposed to go when they need to go out and relieve themselves.

Walk Frequently

It is important to remember that your pug will have mistakes and learning to break unwanted habits will take time. To help quicken the process and diminish the frequency of mistakes it is important to walk your pug frequently. Walks should follow meals, periods of being left alone and after sleeping. In the beginning of house training, this may require mid-night potty breaks. This may not be pleasant, but the dedication to your dog's training will reflect in the results you will see!

Reward Positive Behavior

Pugs are motivated by little more than treats and utilizing these tasty morsels as rewards for good behavior will prove to beneficial to the both of you! When your pug goes to the bathroom in the proper location, be sure to praise them with enthusiasm! Verbal praises are an excellent tool to use but combined with a treat will allow the sentiment to go even farther. When your pug gives you a sign that he or she needs to go, a treat should also be granted! Your dog may end up consuming numerous treats throughout the day so it is important to choose a low calorie, healthy and all natural treat to use in training.

Use A Crate

When you are home walking your pug and watching for possible accidents will prove to be much easier than when you are away. When you are not home, the signs of a needed walk will go unseen and accidents are more likely to occur. To help control the frequency of unwanted accidents and contain the mess a crate should be utilized. Dogs do not typically like to be near their waste. A crate will provide a controlled area where your dog will be less likely to soil unless their is an emergency.

With patience and consistency you can successfully house train your pug at any age and eliminate the stress that messy accidents cause. It’s never too late to begin to train your pup so start today!

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