The Passionate Pug Subscription Box

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We get it, your dog is tough on toys. You've come to the right place - we here at The Passionate Pug are experts at handling this situation with top notch products.
Your dog will LOVE our high-quality USA treats & chews - all backed by our 30 day The Passionate Pug guarantee. If the toys get destroyed we will send you one for free.
Our boxes are packed with great value!



Where do you ship?

We ship to USA, Uinited Kingdom & Australia.


What’s in the box?

You will receive 2-3 toys and 3-4 full bags of grain free, USA made treats.


When do you ship?

Orders will ship the 15th of every month or the next Monday if the 15th falls on a weekend or public holiday. For renewing subscriptions, we ship boxes out between the 1st - 10th of the month.


Where are your products from?

Our toys and treats are all made from pet wholesale stores in each local country (either in the USA, UK & Australia).


What if my dog has severe allergies?

No worries just let us know in the description before you purchase.


How do I cancel my plan?

Each plan automatically renews - and you may cancel at any time by emailing us at or managing your subscription within the email we send about your upcoming box order.


What are your shipping times?

4-6 business days for shipping.


Do you have more information available?

Yes we do! Please see the Subscription Box FAQ further below.

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